Tired of paying for likes?

Ever wish you could reach your audience without the over priced advertising of social media? So do we!  BandAidz is designed to get those couch dwellers to your gigs without pulling out your credit card every time you make an event so you can "reach more people." In fact, we've noticed a serious incline in... Continue Reading →

3 ways to market your music with just $120!

“But marketing’s too expensive!”, cry lots of dejected musicians. But guess what? There’s good news for all of you feeling this way. Marketing can be pretty affordable; all you need is vision, about $120 and a little bit of calculation.

5 Tips for Your Next Cover Song

From the moment you begin to play a cover song till the moment it ends, your listeners will automatically compare your version to the original. No pressure, but you have to get it right. Although there are always going to be exceptions, here are some things to keep in mind while picking a song to cover in your next performance:

12 Things To Say Between Songs On Stage

If you’re an artist playing live gigs, you’d know that your work on stage doesn’t begin and end with the start and finish of each song…in fact, what you say on stage has a big impact on your image as an artist. Knowing how to use the small moments during the breaks between songs can break the wall that separates the performers from the audience, turning your set into a charismatic journey for your listeners.

8 Things to Avoid Saying During a Performance

Alright people, let’s face it: at some point or the other, most of us have either cringed at something a musician has said on stage or have been cringed at ourselves. One thing is certain, when all eyes in the room are on you and you have the mic, it’s always handy to have a few pointers in your head just to be sure you don’t accidentally say something that later makes you go “Ooops!”.

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