BandAidz for Promoters

Ever been searching for X genre of artists at X location available on X date?



Well, search no more!21146572_10203318583320711_778689894_o









With BandAidz, you can filter out artists within a specified location to a venue, based on their genre and sub-genre, before seeing the artist’s availability through the artist’s Gig Calendar.

If the artist matches your required specifics, you can message them and see if they would be interested in doing a show! What a game changer!



Hosting a gig? You can create gigs and add as many artists to the bill as you like. The more genres the better as more people will be invited!

In comparison to other social media platforms, BandAidz provides a free service for promoters to reach a great number of potential gig-goers!

Only one condition: The artists need to have BandAidz for you to be able to discover/add them to your events.




So what are you waiting for? Spread the word! The more artists that use BandAidz, the easier it gets to host and promote live music and take the audience numbers to a whole new level!






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