BandAidz for Music Lovers

Music Lovers, a.k.a Audience, a.k.a Crowd Surfers, prepare for a whole new music and, if you’re looking to meet someone new, a dating experience!

BandAidz Screenshot 3After creating a profile based on your age, location as well as your music and dating preferences, you will receive gig invites to events created by artists who play the genre of music you’re into!

You can sample the music to see if the music is you’re type, and if you’re interested, you can swipe and chat with other invitees whom you have matched with! There are no chat restrictions, no free trial period, no paying for more likes, nothing! If you want to meet someone, why not at the gig? What a perfect first date!

But that’s not all.



21169148_10203318584160732_412053561_o‘Nearby Artists’:

Based on GPS location, you can ‘discover’ artists near you. Ever heard someone playing a song and thought “I want that song!” but couldn’t wait until the end to hear its name? Well now you can see the ‘nearby artist’s’ music and get that song on your phone instantly!

Stats and Reviews:

Give reviews and ratings of performances and/or songs to let musicians know how much you enjoyed their show! After all, we’re all here for the applause.




So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and explore the live music scene. And while you’re at it, connect with someone new over music!
And it’s not just for the singles out there, you can enjoy all other features of this app and explore great live music experiences with whoever you want!




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