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We know what independent musicians struggle with. BandAidz is a social music and dating app designed to encourage people who like your style of music to match/chat with each other and hopefully come to your gig!

BandAidz Screenshot 8How does it work?

Proximity based notifications:

Let’s say you’ve created a gig at (for example) the ANZ stadium. Everyone within a 20km (default) radius who has selected your genre of music as a preference will be invited to the gig. That’s possibly THOUSANDS of people who will get your invite to the event. Then everyone who has been invited can match and chat amongst themselves, and hopefully decide to meet at your gig! What a game changer right?

An audience who WANT to come to your gig instead of often ineffective social media promotions. These people are now knows as ‘Crowd Surfers’.


Synchronised Gig Calendars:

BandAidz Screenshot 7BandAidz Screenshot 10-2Its true, we are musicians too and we know all too well the struggles with organising gigs, finding gigs, being found for gigs, band member communication, audiences forgetting our name the night after and all the fun stuff…Well, not anymore! You and all your band members will have synchronised gig calendars. If anyone in the project/Band creates a gig, everyone in the band will be notified and their gig calendar updated with everything required. Date, time, load in details, backline, set times etc. No more “Wheres, whens and hows”!


‘Nearby Artists’:
Based on GPS location, people can ‘discover’ artists near them. Ever heard someone playing a song and thought “I want that song!” but couldn’t wait until the end to hear its name? Well now, listeners can see you as a ‘nearby artist’, view your ‘Tune Bank’ and get that song on their phones instantly!

Stats and Reviews:

People can give reviews and ratings of your performances and/or songs and you can choose to share it on social media. This gives the fans a chance to personally tell you what they thought of your music performance and for you to work off their feedback! After all, we’re all here for the applause.

Discovery:BandAidz Screenshot 4

Get this! If a promoter is looking for a (for example) punk rock band located in Sydney (or anywhere), they can search for exactly that, view if the band is available on the proposed date by referring to the bands gig calendar, then voila! A simple “Do you want to play this date?” message is all that’s required.





Push Messages:

BandAidz Screenshot 6With the ability to send push messages into the audience with all of your social media links and even a special message, don’t be forgotten after a gig as your listeners can truly make a connection with you.


What we need from you? Spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your grandmother, share it on your band page, shout it from the rooftops! The more people that have the app, the more people will be invited to your gigs! And keep in mind that it’s not just for single people. If people choose not to have the option of matching and chatting, that is completely optional in their profile!



And take note: The person who is in control of the band’s music should be the person who signs up as the ‘Artist’ account creator. Only this person will have control on what music is available to ‘crowd surfers’. And remember, all people who join the project/band will need the ARTIST CODE, which can be found at the bottom of the artist’s profile within the app.

We’re looking forward to working with you and watching your audience numbers grow!

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