Tired of paying for likes?

Ever wish you could reach your audience without the over priced advertising of social media?


So do we!  BandAidz is designed to get those couch dwellers to your gigs without pulling out your credit card every time you make an event so you can “reach more people.” In fact, we’ve noticed a serious incline in social medias’ efforts to convince you to spend your money on advertising to a sleeping audience. Do you feel your $100 to reach 4,000 people one time is value for money?



Well we don’t! And we also feel artists don’t have enough tools to really capture an audience, and make sure they never forget your name and that they don’t forget to find you on social media, or download your song.

What does BandAidz do? The app has never seen before features designed to engage a larger audience and promotes your events to an audience interested in your genre of music within 20km of the venue of your event.

BandAidz Screenshot 3

Nearby Artist: If you’re playing a show and someone wants that song right now. They can open the app, search “nearby artists” and there you’ll be! Then they can add the track to their playlist, download it and see all your social media. How many times do you think an opportunity like that has passed you by?




BandAidz Screenshot 6

Push Messages: This one is to make sure everyone with the app doesn’t forget you the hungover day after. Simply write a push message and hit send and everyone in the audience with the app will receive all your links and anything you feel they need to know! Next time “catch us on social media” can be said in a way people won’t forget. Unless they lose their phone. Then you’re back to square one.

Make it Social: Sometimes you just need someone to go to a gig with you right? None of your friends are interested, the date’s coming closer and you’re looking like you’ll give up. Well, BandAidz will let you swipe and match with other people who have also been invited to the event! It can be any type of social setting you wish to make it. Meet a new friend, gig buddy or maybe something more.

Be Discovered: Ever seen posts on Facebook from promoters or other musicians asking for an artist playing X genre, available on X date. Well, what if they could search for that and you would appear? They can see your gig calendar and see if you’re available!

How much does it cost? BandAidz is 100% free and unrestricted for 12 months for artists with no strings attached. No credit card required for sign-up. No small print designed to suck you into paying for something you thought was free, nothing. For promoters and the audience it is completely free to use.

So what are you waiting for? Stop paying for likes and download the app to discover all the awesome features the app has to offer to make life easier and to engage a larger audience!

download-googleplay.png                                 appstore_download.png

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