3 ways to market your music with just $120!

It’s no secret that being a musician is an expensive task. There’s plenty to invest in and it’s usually a long road to returns. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already been investing in equipment such as strings, new instruments, amps and heaps of other stuff. But of all things that are important to spend money on as musician, marketing is a key area. Although it’s easier to convince yourself to spend more on things that you can get your hands on right away than on something like marketing that may or may not really give you something concrete in return, it’s important to consider taking out that little bit to get your name out there!

“But marketing’s too expensive!”, cry lots of dejected musicians. But guess what? There’s good news for all of you feeling this way. Marketing can be pretty affordable; all you need is vision, about $120 and a little bit of calculation. Using some of the most basic tools that we use every day, the $120 can give your music quite the exposure! Here are a few ways how:

Facebook $40-$60

Although that looks like a little too much to spend on one option, it’s a definitely list-topper. Sure, you can go the free way, if you haven’t already, and share your music on pages and groups but if it’s not that the perfect time of the day or doesn’t get much in the way of interactions, chances are that your listeners will probably miss out on the chance to even come across it! Now that’s a waste of time and effort, isn’t it? But if you spend $40-$60 a month on targeted advertising that reaches the right people at the right time, you significantly increase your chances of being seen and heard.

Facebook-Ads.pngIf that sounds like too much, customise your campaign according to your budget and choose to go for even $30 – $40 over a week every month. Make sure you take the time to include as many details as possible so you reach the right people!

If you want to boost your views on YouTube or other media sites, Tyler Allen recommends using Facebook ads for it, maybe even spreading out only $5 – $10 over 5 days to reach from 1000 to 5200 people a day! Although it doesn’t guarantee the same number of likes or views, you still reach hundreds and thousands of more people that significantly increases the potential for your music to be heard.

Google AdWords for video: $20 to $40

Google-Adwords-LogoBased on what you spend on your Facebook campaign, you can adjust your next spend on Google AdWords, which is an awesome area to devote a large portion of your marketing budget. No, not just to appear in a Google search but specifically on YouTube’s TrueView, which is AdWords for video. By producing sponsored video ads on YouTube, using this method can lead viewers to your video, YouTube channel, or website.

youtube-true-view-ads.pngBecause of the pay-per-click nature of this method, you only pay when your video actually gets a click, making it quite a safe area to invest in. Spending between $20 – $40 on Google AdWords every month (spread over about of $5 to $10 a day every now and then) makes it possible to get up to 1,000 impressions every day!

Press Kit, Social Media and Website: Leftovers

Depending on how much of your budget you’ve spent on Facebook ads and/or Google AdWords, you should have between $20 – $100 remaining from in your budget.

MUSE_Press_Kit_HAARP_Tour_PromoConsider spending this on creating a website if you don’t already have one. Creating one from scratch at such a low cost will be an extremely tight squeeze, and you would have to find developers willing to make a website by practically working for free, such as friends, students or fresh graduates looking to build their own portfolio. If you already have a website, which you probably do, consider spending it on reworking your content or artwork or to get a new cover photo.

3894652-300x208When it comes to marketing, there are 2 things to always remember: first, marketing is essential and definitely requires your time and effort and second, make sure that all your graphics and content is proof-read, fresh, clear and vibrant. After all, if no matter how much you decide to spend and what method you choose, the whole point is to grab attention. So, musicians out there, get marketing! Good Luck!

Tell us what bare-bones strategy works for you!

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