Byron Short and The Sunset Junkies (Rock)

Byron Short and The Sunset Junkies – an amalgamation of soulful blues and powerful rock – are quite possibly one of Brisbane’s most captivating live bands, producing electrifying music with strong arrangements and songwriting. Often being referred to as a group of rock ‘n’ roll rebels, the band have recently released their 5th album, ‘Revelations’, a musical journal recording Byron Short’s life as a rock ‘n’ roll musician, and undeniably their most admirable piece of work yet.


“A tale told by an idiot

Full of dark imaginings

Of beasts and thieves and harlots

And beheaded queens and kings

My life is but a shadow of long forgotten days

They won’t rest until I’m punished

For my wicked, wicked ways.”

— ‘Wicked Wicked Ways’ from the album ‘Revelations’ by Byron Short & The Sunset Junkies.

Formed as a backing band for Byron Short in 2006 following the release of his first album, ‘Before My Time’, produced with Daniel Jones (Savage Garden) in 2006, various exceptional musicians have been a part of The Sunset Junkies. “The Brisbane music community is very close,” explains Byron, “we have all played with each other in many different outfits and genres before coming together as this incarnation of Byron Short & The Sunset Junkies.”


Following sold-out shows in Australia and America and the release of his critically acclaimed country-rock album, ‘No Way Out’ in the US, Byron recreated the band with some of Brisbane’s most talented musicians including Daniel Trickett (drums), Jeremy Klysz (bass) and Richie Thayil (keys), to bring the full power of his music to a live audience in Australia. They have since been captivating music lovers across the South East.

Moist Promotions paint a vivid picture of the band’s live performances. “Wild screams, silence, the whisper of a guitar then bang! A riff that would make the devil weep with joy. Byron’s voice, effortlessly powerful, cascades over the music weaving intimate stories of love, sacrifice and addiction.”

Reminiscing on some of their live gigs, Byron claims that playing with Phil Barlow & The Wolf has always made an enjoyable night. “We just want to have a great time and make memories. But of all shows, our recent album launch at The Zoo in Brisbane will always be a favourite. It’s where I proposed to my girlfriend on stage in front of a packed house. She said yes!”


Byron and The Sunset Junkies will be releasing a new video clip at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on February 24th this year for their next single, ‘Young Man’s Dream’ before a hitting the road for an East Coast tour through March.

Recommended Track: Revelations




Byron Short

youtube-logo-full_colorByron Short and The Sunset Junkies – Revelations

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