Phisha (Acoustic)


Phisha is more than just your typical man from Melbourne with an acoustic guitar. Influenced by the likes of Newton Faulkner, Imogen Heap and Glen Hansard, he’s also an extremely captivating solo fingerstyle instrumentalist cum singer/songwriter, making his music not only a treat for the ears but also for the eyes.

With a natural and almost vulnerable sound, Phisha is a true solo performer with complex visual arrangements, going beyond what has been considered ‘possible’ on an Acoustic guitar.


Surrounded by a growing circle of musician friends from various genres, Phisha found himself constantly challenged, resulting in the creation of his own distinctive sound and style. “There’s a big scene of Solo instrumental fingerstlye guitarists, but not many also combine the techniques with vocals and other instrumentation”, explains Phisha, “There is a compromise to fit it all in sometimes but it makes the performance more visual and charismatic than the regular acoustic singer-songwriter shows.”

Regularly playing live in and around Melbourne for over 2 years, Phisha will also be a part of the upcoming documentary by Drew Roller about the ‘Fingerstyle Guitar Movement’ due to release in early 2017, telling the story of fingerstyle guitar playing, interviewing its best and presenting its widespread popularity.

img_2195“I’m also really looking forward to writing new material and freshening up the live shows to include more”, says Phisha, “I have a lot of new songs in the works but they all need the space and time to “breathe” and develop, time that is hard to find with the number of live performances at the same time.”

Of all gigs played so far, supporting Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist Daniel Champagne at the now closed venue, Shebeen, in Melbourne has been the most cherished. “It was a great room and a great night. It was also where I recorded my Live DVD.”, recalls Phisha. “There are a number of other venues I play at, especially out in regional Victoria, where I’ve come across some particularly enthusiastic listeners and that’s always much appreciated. In addition to combining songwriting with “alternative” techniques on acoustic guitar, Phisha hopes to incorporate a piano side to his upcoming performances to create a multi-faceted spectacle.

Apart from working on albums with two different bands over the years, Phisha is also focusing on his own album, The Insignificant Other, having recently released a 6-track live performance DVD of the album.

Possessing a unique approach to the acoustic guitar, Phisha makes music that needs to be seen, not just heard.

Recommended Track: Easier to let Go





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