Fortune From Tragedy (Metal)

Fortune From Tragedy, an Adelaide-based high-spirited group of guys who although humbly describe themselves as ‘normal guys that like playing heavy music and having a good time’, have been building a buzz in Australia and overseas with their blend of metalcore/hardcore sounds since they started touring in early 2014.


The band started in 2011 when old friends Craig Sutton (vocalist) and guitarist Shane Norris decided to start writing and recording music. Fueled by a mutual love for writing and playing, the two wanted to create their own sound.  With the addition of Terry Crowley (guitarist) and  Pete Coleiro (bassist) ‘we all just clicked’, recalls Craig, ‘The writing was flowing and the rest is history.’ The band was soon joined by drummer Will McLaren, who was the final piece to the puzzle. Together, Fortune From Tragedy pushed each other to discover the music within themselves. ‘Shane writes the core riffs and brings it to the band. We piece the song together and make changes from there.’, explains Craig. The band’s intriguing blend of melodic guitar riffing and head-crushing breakdowns gives Fortune From Tragedy the distinctive edge that defines the band’s sound.

Thrilled as they were with the new sounds they were creating, the high level of enthusiasm they received from the crowd took them by surprise. ‘One of our favorite gigs so far has been in Jakarta’, reflects Shane, ‘The crowd participation was insane and the energy levels were through the roof!’

Jordan Bird from Scenestr Mag believes the band is ‘more than capable of meeting the moshing needs of its beer-soaked audience’. ‘With the perfect mix of colossal riffing, progressive song structures and bone-splintering breakdowns, their sound [is] perfectly accented by unique drum fills and surprisingly-nuanced guitar melodies.’


Although they couldn’t be more pleased than they are with their fans in South Australia, Fortune From Tragedy have set their sights on another national tour. Following the recording of their upcoming release and consequent video clip, the band is planning a tour that will stretch across Australia. ‘We just want to get out there and play at this point,’ Craig says. With their distinctively energetic debut EP ‘And So It Begins’ under their belt, they are eager to get back to what playing live all about for them: energy, insanity and one hell of a good time.

The boys revolve their vibe around enjoying themselves and building relationships with the crowd. ‘We bring a lot of different elements and energy to our music and live performances, constantly trying new things and most importantly, making friends along the way.’

‘What it comes down to for us,’ remarks Shane, ‘is that we really enjoy what we do and when people like our music in the process, it’s a bonus.’ ‘Exactly,’ agrees Craig, ‘We’re just regular guys and irrespective of the success, we’ve met so many great people and had such good times, that we wouldn’t want to do anything else.’

‘Weight of Silence, in particular, is a band we’ve played with a number of times and each time has been a great night, comments Craig when reflecting on bands they’ve enjoyed sharing the stage with. ‘They’re just really good guys with great music’ adds Shane, ‘and one of our favourite venues has to be Fowlers Live. We’ve seen many of our favourite bands play there and have many good memories.” The band also complimented the massive sound of this particular venue, which of course, is the hammer to metal.

To catch Fortune From Tragedy live before the end of the year, bring out your phones and save the date! Their next show is at Enigma Bar, Adelaide on December 2nd, 2016.


Recommended Track: Silence Speaks A Thousand Words




Recommended Artists:

Weight of Silence (

Recommended Venue:

Fowlers Live, Adelaide (

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