BandAidz is the world’s first social music  app delivering an unrivalled opportunity for Artists to reach an audience that are interested in attending their gigs and perhaps meeting a new ‘special someone’.

Ever been to a gig and saw someone you would love to have chatted to but just didn’t get the chance? Ever saw an amazing artist play and forget who they were? Ever wanted someone to come to a gig with you but you couldn’t motivate anyone? Problem solved.

Finally, an app that allows the connection of artists to people and people to people without restriction! Based on a person’s location to a venue, artists can create events and everyone who has the BandAidz app within a specified radius (20km-100km) and the same genre preference as the artist will be invited! You can then discover the artist’s music, follow them on social media, and even see other ‘Crowd Surfers’ that have been invited. If you ‘like’ someone’s profile and they like yours, you have a match and can start to chat.

No restrictions! It is 100% free for Crowd Surfers. No paying to see profiles, no paying for more likes, nothing! Not single? Not into dating? No worries! Anyone can discover new artists and enjoy the live music scene!

Another world first is the ability to discover artists who are right in front of you. Simply check the “Nearby Artists”, select the one on stage, and that’s it! If the artist has allowed their songs to be downloaded, you can add the song they just played (and you loved) to your Tune Bank right away or when you get home!

A great feature for artists is the synchronised gig calendars. If any band/project member (or promoter) creates an event, everyone will be notified of the gig and their gig calendar instantly updated. No more “What date/time was that gig again?”. And no more “What gear do I need?” thanks to all the necessary gig details including load in and backline details, time and place, set times, number of people invited and who has confirmed attendance. It even includes the venue location on the map! No more “Where is it again?”

With push messages, be 100% sure people don’t forget you. You can send them out into the crowd and anyone who has the BandAidz app will get not just your message but also all your social media links. But be careful, you can only send one every 4 hours so make it count!

We couldn’t forget promoters! Ever been endlessly searching for an artist of a specific genre within a specific location and want to know if they’re available? Well now you can, and within seconds! You can search all of the above and see if the artists are available from their gig calendars. If they are, you can exchange messages. No restrictions! Promoters can also create gigs and add any artist who has the BandAidz app and is on the bill for the event. The more sub-genres, the more people invited!

Is music your thing? It’s time to join the BandAidz Revolution.

Push Messages

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